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​                                                                THE FINE PRINT
1. Winner to be chosen by random raffle algorithm thru (an independent firm) 10-14 calendar days immediately following the sale of the 1000th ticket. Winner need not be present to win. An email announcement will be sent to all Entrants that provide an email address announcing the date once it has been set. Website will also be updated upon setting of that date. 
2. Organizer, Seller and/or Authorized Party cannot be held liable for invalid or incorrect phone numbers, email addresses or mailing addresses received from buyer at entry. 
3. Minimum of 1000 tickets must be sold to set drawing date. Each ticket is one entry into the drawing and all entries will have the same chance of winning. Drawing date and time will be scheduled within 24 hours of the 1000th, ticket sale. It will be set within 10-14 calendar days of the confirmation of the sale of the 1000th ticket. Ticket sales will cease 12 hours prior to drawing, a maximum of 1500 tickets can be sold. Each ticket is equal to one entry and each person or entity may buy as many tickets as they would like, not to exceed the total number of unsold tickets remaining (Maximum of 1500). Authorized Parties and other individuals associated with the Organizer and Seller are not prohibited from purchasing tickets and will not be shown any preferential treatment or advantage. Tickets are not a tax deductible donation.
4. Winner will be announced on the website and will be notified by phone, email, or in person. Upon notification, winner must confirm receipt and provide proof of identity (Valid State or Federal ID and Social Security Card provided with W9) within 3 business days. In addition, Winner will also be required to sign an acceptance contract that spells out that the home is Accepted As Is and specifying exact transfer items such as utilities and home owners insurance. At which time a closing will be set up at the Title Company for completion of Deed transfer. Winning Ticket may be assigned by winner after proof of ownership is established and verified.
5. Winner will be be responsible for all personal taxes, fees and/or other personal responsibilities associated with the winning of this home, including but not limited to Tax Preparer, Accountant fees, and Attorney consultation fees. You may want to talk to your tax preparer for more information on possible other expenses and taxes. 
6. Seller and/or Organizer cannot be held liable for any personal or business tax or income ramifications, fees or penalties and/or any other unforeseen consequences resulting from the winning this home.
7. Property taxes will be prorated at closing, seller to provide home warranty for buyer's protection for coverage of the mechanics and appliances of the home for one year. This is not Home Owners insurance and will not cover winner's interest in the home. It is strongly recommended that the winner obtain Home Owner's insurance to become effective immediately upon title change. Upon closing the home will not be covered by Seller's policy in the event of Fire or other event.
8. In addition, Seller will pay for Title Insurance, title binder, recording and closing fee as assessed by the Title Company at closing for the transfer of the property. 
9. NO Refunds on tickets purchased. If a check or payment for a ticket is returned for any reason, contact to the buying party will be attempted, however if contact is unsuccessful, or the funds are not replaced, that ticket(s) will be voided and entry in the raffle for that ticket or tickets for which the funds were assigned to will be canceled. All NSF checks will be assessed a $25 NSF Fee.
10. NO copies, NO reproductions and NO alterations of tickets will be accepted. All tickets must be purchased thru an Authorized Party or on the website to be valid. The Seller nor the Organizer can be held responsible for fraudulent individuals or ticket sales. If you are in doubt of this validity of this ticket, please contact the Organizer direct thru our website or via email [email protected]
11. If all tickets are not sold within a 180 day period, at the Organizer's option, all ticket prices may be refunded and raffle canceled. In the event of destruction of home by fire or other natural or unnatural causes the home will either be repaired to original condition by seller, or all raffle ticket sales will be refunded. If a refund is issued it will be for ticket purchase price only, any credit card fees or other fees associated with the purchase or issuance will not be refunded.
12. All decisions and results are final. Raffle may be ended Early if all tickets are sold and all prizes will be awarded at the corresponding early date, in which case all eligible entries will be included in the winner selection process. Taxes are winner's responsibility. We are not responsible for lost, delayed, misdirected or mutilated mail or any errors that may occur in printing of this Bulletin or tickets

By purchasing this ticket you are authorizing To Win This Home, LLC to use your name, photo or likeness for promotional purposes and advertising if you are chosen as a winner.

To Win This Home, LLC is an individually owned and operated Limited Liability Company and reserves the right to refuse to sell tickets to anyone who in the past or present has threatened or caused harm to the business owners and/or closely related family members of the owners or organizers.
Organizer: To Win This Home LLC, 112 N Main Ave, Aztec NM 87410 (505) 334-6187, to include all members and employees of company.
Seller: Owner of home that is being raffled.
Authorized Party: An Authorized individual, business or entity that has a signed contract for compensation to sell raffle tickets on behalf of the Organizer.
Winner(s): Person or Entity that purchased the winning Raffle Ticket
Title Company: San Juan Title Company who will hold the closing and final deed for transfer of ownership to the winner.
Ticket: One raffle ticket equals one entry
Entrant(s): Person or Entity that has purchased one or more raffle tickets
Because to the Nature of this Raffle, no special Permiting or Licensing is required thru the State of New Mexico Gaming Commission or the City of Aztec.  Both the Seller and the Organizer have been in contact with these government agencies and have been assured it is completely permissable to give this Property Away in a Raffle.  IT IS GUARENTEED THAT WHEN RAFFLE CONDITIONS HAVE BEEN MET, ONE LUCKY WINNER WILL OWN THIS PROPERTY FREE AND CLEAR OF ANY MORTGAGE, ENCUMBRANCES OR OTHER LIENS UPON TITLE TRANSFER TO RAFFLE WINNER.  TITLE INSURANCE WILL BE PROVIDED BY SELLER.

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